Junior Church

The unique children’s experience at our Junior Church is designed for ages 3 months through to the teenage years. Every child experiences involve age-apportioned teaching, music and activities pointing them towards a daily personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Dedicated hands who loves every child uniquely handle our Junior Church experience. We consistently ensure a safe environment with an efficient drop-off and pick-up system for parents. Our motivation is simply “partnering with parents to provide children with valuable resources to enable them become devoted followers of Christ”

The Chosen Breed

The Chosen Breed is a community of ethical professional, talented young men and women who are students, career and entrepreneurial driven, newly married, single but alive to God’s agenda for their generation. We hold hub meetings to empower members to develop accountability relationship with others as they grow in their relationship with Christ. Chosen Breed pilots talented young men and women who are passionate about God and His kingdom agenda in today’s culture as ambassadors of the kingdom culture in the market place; sound and confident as they take on leadership roles in the society.

Sista’s Keepers

Sista’s Keepers coordinates forums, which challenges and educate women for leadership roles in life endeavours. The group is committed to develop a total woman, fulfilling her multifaceted role as a wife, mother, career and business owner to foster friendship and mentoring. Women are strengthened spiritually, emotionally, career wise, business and ministry as stewards of the manifold grace of God.

Men’s Konnect

Men’s Konnect is our community platform where men are inspired to become leaders in their homes and the society. Issues confronting men as they lead their families navigate through their career and business paths are addressed to help create avenues for the practice of leadership. Accountability opportunities are designed to encourage men to take up leadership roles in the society. The group strategically produces men of integrity in the market place to positively influence the future of our nation with Luke 2:52 as our pivot point.


The Konnect groups promote the culture of Acts2Church dynamics in our Church community life. Inherent is the opportunity for accountability, prayer of agreement and personal counselling whenever such need arises. The konnect positions us for impacts through our various community-based initiatives organised to touch lives for our social relevance. We have our community pastors who oversee the daily ministry in our a2c at the respective locations.

Konnect Locations

Family Matters

We are passionate about helping people achieve stable families that impact our society positively. We equip through our structured programs of the Lighthouse Marriage Orientation Program for prospective individuals aspiring to get married; Lighthouse Marriage Mentor Program for couples engaged to be married; Lighthouse Matured & Vibrant Program for the matured singles, single parents, widows; Lighthouse Marriage Enrichment Program for married couples and the Lighthouse Therapy Program for married couples who are experiencing disorder in their marriages. All accessed with the help of family life certified counsellors.


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