Experience The Word, Fellowship & The Supernatural

Get ready to experience the transformative power of God's Word!

Are you grappling with life’s challenges? Void of purpose? Or do you need a good guide to make the best decision in today’s complex world? God’s Word is a sure source of hope, healing, and divine empowerment.

The proof of the living Word of God is how it has been applied to different people’s needs and it has effectively served. The power and wisdom in God’s Word transcends time and culture, it’s our ultimate life guide.

Word Conference is for everyone – regardless of your level of faith, denomination, gender, tribe or even religion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions to help you plan towards the conference.

About 2 hours on Thursday & Friday and 4 hours on Saturday & Sunday.

Whatever makes you comfortable. Most people wear jeans. If you feel more comfortable in a dress/suit, wear that! At Lighthouse, it’s come as you are. You are welcome here.

As much as we would strongly recommend that you attend physically, if you are out of town or unable to make it to our location, you can stream the conference live on any of our social media platforms @lighthousengr or at live.lighthouseng.org

Yes! Child care is available. We highly suggest that you check them in to our Junior Church. They will have a much more enjoyable time and you can be rest assured that they are well taken care of, allowing you to get more out of the conference.

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