The Church

The Lighthouse is a community of believers, passionate about God, walking daily in the transforming power of Jesus and living as salts and light in their faith and love walk.

God has done marvellous things at every stage of her ministry maturation. The church started on Sunday 30th September 2007 and every week since have joined together in fellowship to experience God in an atmosphere of contagious faith-filled worship, warmth and fellowship to hear the timeless truth in the Word of God.

The blazing passion of Lighthouse NGR is first to be a witness – lead people from all walks of life to love God, become devoted followers of Christ, and disciple them as living evidence in our world. Lighthouse is committed to reproducing leaders in the image of Christ, who will be the change agents of the society.

We are passionate about teaching God’s Word in the simplicity of The Gospel, helping individuals to respond in faith, discover their uniqueness in God, and take ownership of their gift and fill the various sectors of the society.

Our Vision

“Bringing people into the full realization of their potential in God”

Our Mission

“Building a community of believers whose lifestyle influences change in the society”

Our Core Values


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