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We are a community of believers, passionate about God, walking daily in the transforming power of Jesus and living as salts and lights in our world.
What to expect

What to Expect

Service times, directions, and what to expect upon your first visit.
Lighthouse Online

Lighthouse Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can attend Lighthouse online.

The Leadership

Get to know the shepherds of our community - Ayo & Folake Daniels.

More About Us

Learn a little more about us - where we come from, where we are, and where we’re going.


Spiritual growth doesn’t just happen during services. Use these resources to seek God during the week.

How to Give

Learn more about why we give and how you can join us in generosity.



We want to equip you and your family to grow as followers of Christ.
Lighthouse resources

Lighthouse Podcast

Listen and download audio messages brought to you by the Lighthouse.
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Get weekly insights from Ayo Daniels to help shape your marketplace experience.

The Chosen Breed Church

The young adult expression of the Lighthouse.

LACE Empowerment Foundation

Improving the employability & enterprise value of young Africans.
Lighthouse Family Matters

Family Matters Ministry

Helping people prepare for marriage and build stable homes.
Lighthouse Coop

Lighthouse Cooperative

Get the financial freedom you need to live a life of purpose.
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