Invite Someone to Church

Studies indicate that 80% of non-church-goers would likely visit a church if someone simply invited them.

Every defining moment in your life included an invitation.

  • You were invited on a date.
  • You were invited to join a team.
  • You were invited to a job interview.
  • You were invited to work on that project.

Every defining moment in your life included an invitation and you have no idea what God can do through you by extending an invitation. By your invitation, you could be changing lives forever!

We get it. Inviting someone to church can feel uncomfortable or awkward. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Who to Invite

When you hear any of these 4 NOTs, your reflex reaction should be to extend an invitation to the person:

  • Somebody that you see is NOT doing well: When you hear someone say things are not going well for them. Maybe it’s their health, marriage, family or job. Something is just not going well and their heart is heavy, just extend the invitation for them to come receive hope, comfort and help.

  • When you hear someone say “I’m NOT from here” or “I’m new to this area”. Just invite them to start their new life with a better way to do life.

  • When you hear the words “I’m NOT prepared for what’s next”: Being single does not prepare you for being married, being married does not prepare you for becoming a parent and having a job does not prepare you for retirement. In all ages and stages, there are people who are unprepared for what’s next – Just invite them to come meet with people who have been through what they are going through.

  • When you hear the words I’m NOT involved in Church, I’m disconnected from Church or I’ve had a really bad Church experience – Invite them to come experience a different kind of Church and share your unique experiences about Lighthouse with them.

Ways to Invite

  • Casually ask a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague to join you at House7 or to watch with you online through Lighthouse Online.

  • Invite someone or your network over social media using one of our shareable invites.

  • Text a friend and invite them to Church.

  • Share the Lighthouse Online livestream link on your social media pages/stories during any of our services.

Having the Conversation

Maybe you’re not sure what to say, or how to even start that conversation. Maybe you’re afraid they’ll ask a question that you won’t be able to answer.

But, guess what?… You don’t have to be perfect. Just be real. Just be yourself. Your faith and your story will speak volumes. Let God do the rest.

Just get them talking. Start with casual conversations. Tell them your story and get to know theirs as well! It’s amazing what God can do in this moment and where He will lead your conversation. You could try to say something like this:

  • “Hey, do you have a church? I’d love for you to join me at Lighthouse NGR!”

  • “Would you like to attend church with me? I attend Lighthouse and our gathering happens at [insert service times]. You pick the time that works best for you and we can go together!”

  • “My church has great music and relevant messages every week. If you would like to check it out in person let me know, or here’s the link to our livestream. You can watch it from home to see how you like it!”

  • “I’d love you tell you sometime what God has done in my life. Attending Lighthouse NGR has changed my life, and I’d love to share my story with you.”

But What If They Say "No"?

At some point, we’re going to get turned down, but that’s okay! You’ve started a conversation. You’ve started a connection. You’ve let someone know that you care. Now, allow God to work in their life. Don’t get discouraged. Continue to pray for them and try again later.

Shareable Invites

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